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After many years of activity with pan since 1975 finally a name occurred in 1989. Scarlet Roots Pan Company. This was a result of brain storming for a band name by Mikey & Junior Gill. I lept on the name as soon as I heard it and asked their permission to use it as a company name. We all have Scarlet Roots, red blood, Pan Company is self explanatory.

Since moving to Switzerland in November of 1991 it has been possible to realise my dream and pursue a wide range of activities regarding pan importing the instruments from both the UK and Trinidad, arriving at a sole distribution agreement with a UK based instrument case manufacturer, to designing and producing essential accessories such as sticks & stands.

In 1999 SRPC brought the tuner the late Lenox Lewis, better known as “Darkie” to Switzerland for three months to produce a complete set of “background pans” for Funland Serenaders steelband which are still in use today. Finding a tuner to maintain these instruments was a greater challenge but finally this was resolved in 2005 when it was possible to bring Rudy “Two Left” Smith from Copenhagen not only to give a concert in our location ”The Panyard” but also to tune and maintain our stock of steel pan instrumentation. This relationship has flourished since then to the point where all of Funland’s front line of double tenors have been made by Rudy and most recently he persuaded me to replace two sets of bass.

Rudy continues to work even more closely with us and is very happy with the opportunity to provide very high quality instruments and a reliable tuning service.

At the beginning of 2017 we were asked to sponsor a "Pan meets Pan" weekend in May 2017 with Hand Pan performances on the Friday evening with two of the top exponents both from France followed by Funland Serenaders and Bijlmer steelband from Holland on the Saturday night. The event proved to be both interesting as well as successful. Discussions resulted in further research into the raw material for making both steel pans and hand pans. By the beginning of 2018 experiments were being carried out. After a meeting on 15th May 2018 it was decided that Scarlet Roots Pan Company GmbH would expand it’s portfolio to include the making of Hand Pans. After a period of significant investment and development of infrastructure we are pleased to be able to offer hand pans in a range of popular scales and the ability to make any scale to order supported by essential accessories. In addition we are pleased to be able to offer a comprehensive tuning service For further information regarding where you can find our instruments local to you as well as information regarding hand pan lessons and workshops please visit www.the-handpan-shop.com.

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